Letter to Angelo Ribera from Paul Ribera, SN: 31380462,

B Company, 334th Regiment 84th Division

November 27th, 1944

Dear Brother,

Guess the folks back home are a bit worried about me, but tell them not to. I’ll get by. Tell Johnnie I settled the score all right and then some. No kidding Ang. I’ve been through plenty all ready and still more to come. Fighting these Jerries isn’t as easy as the papers say it is. They surrender after they know they haven’t a chance. After killing all they could they come out yelling "comrade". Wish I could tell you a few stories, you wouldn’t believe them any way, but I’ve had a few close ones Brother. I’ve prayed so much that I feel like God himself. Its hell over here and a little worse. I’m a changed man now and I’ll never complain again as long as I live.

To change the subject a little, remember when I was home for one night, back in the states. That was just before I shoved off. Remember in the Meriden train station, I found a ticket to New Haven and I gave it to the girl in the ticket office. Well, any way, I received a check for it, I’m sending it in the letter. You might get a kick out of it. Here I am way the hell out here at the front and I get a 50-cent check – some joke, eh kid. By the way I’m sending $44 home by money order, tell mom that’s the best I can do for her Christmas present. Give Johnnie my regards, he’s pretty lucky but he sure deserves a big long rest whatever the gov’t gives him isn’t enough. Oh yes, my outfit is getting a Presidential Unit Citation, there’s a long story as to why we are getting it. Tell you later on. Write soon kid, I really would like to hear from you and the family.




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