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The Plane: Tet T Mote

Tet T Mote Specifications
  • Manufacturer : Douglas Aircraft Company
  • Date :  April 1943
  • Engines : 4, Wright R-1820-97 Cyclone - 1200hp ea.
  • Aircaft Type : B-17F
  • Top Speed : 325 MPH
  • Cruising Speed : 200 MPH
  • Range : 1300 miles with 6,000 lbs. bomb load
  • Ceiling : 38,000 feet
  • Bomb Load : 6,000 lbs. Typical
  • Defensive Guns : 10, .50 caliber machine guns
  • Unit : Eight Air Force, 13th Air Wing, 390th Bombardment Group, 569th Squadron
  • Base : Framlingham, Enland

The Tet T Mote Crew

John E. Asmussen Pilot Slatersville, RI
Richard Moll Co-Pilot Reading, PA
Owen John Navigator Johnstown, PA
Anthony Moyto Bombardier Cleveland, OH

Carl A. Sears Engineer Paducah, KY
Anthony Zdunczky Ball Turret Watervliet, NY
Stephen Barone Waist Gunner Throop, PA
James Walker Radio Sterling, OK
Claude Farber Waist Gunner Duncan, OK
Robert Fry Tail Gunner New Orleans, LA

Others who were on the Tet T'Mote crew
Andrew Avon Waist Gunner Philadelphia, PA
Ben Myers Navigator Minneapolis, MN
Earl Evans Bombardier Long Island, NY
Benjamin Williams Tail Gunner  
S. Love Ball Turret  

NOTES: On October 21, 1943 Tet T Mote, flown by another crew crashed landed and was scrapped. Ben Myers and Benjamin Williams were on the original crew (20), but are not known to have flown in combat on Tet. On November 16, 1943 crewmembers, Claude Farber, Anthony Moyto, and Ben Myers were killed in action aboard Schifless Skonk when it caught fire and crashed in the North Atlantic on return from Rjukan Norway.

Tet T Mote crew with mascot Hermann Goring
In front: Stephen Barone, Richard Moll holding Hermann Goering
Standing, left to right: Claude Farber, Carl Sears, James Walker,
Robert Fry, John Asmussen, Tony Zdunczyk, Tony Moyto, and Owen John

crew2.jpg (45763 bytes)
"The eteernal ten - bringing - The mark of the end" John E. Asmussen 1943

Date Location
Aug 12, '43 Bonn,  Germany
Aug 15, '43 Vitry-en Artois,  France
Aug 19, '43 Woensdrecht,  Holland
Aug 31, '43 Meulan,  France
Sep 02, '43 Kerlin-Bastard,  France
Sep 06, '43 Stuttgart,  Germany
Sep 09, '43 Beaumont-sur-oise,  France
Sep 16, '43 Bordeaux-Merignac,  France
Sep 23, '43 Vannes-Meucon,  France
Sep 26, '43 Paris-Citroen,  France
Sep 27, '43 Emden,  Germany
Oct 02, '43 Emden,  Germany
Oct 14, '43 Schweinfurt,  Germany

John Ellsworth Asmussen
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