Shown here is the standard rifle of the Wehrmacht {German Army). It is a Karabine –98 or K-98. It is of 1898 design by Mauser, a design which the Springfield 1903 is a copy. This was manufactured by Sauer and Sohn (Son). The K-98 is a bolt action rifle which fired a 7.92 mm round. The soldats used a five round, stripper clip, to load rounds into the gun and the clip was tossed aside. The Germans used the same round in their light machine guns the MG –34 and MG-42 which used a linked metal belt to feed rounds through the gun. The photo shows German grenades, which contained a foot long, handle for better throwing capability.

In the close up you can see the leather ammo pouches and standard cleaning tools for the K-98. The German belt buckle is embossed with the phrase “GOTT MIT UNS” God with us.

Shown here are a marksmanship lanyard, Infanteriesturmabzeichen, (Infantry Assault Badge), comparable to the Combat Infantry Badge worn by GI’s. and a Stabsgrefreiter sleeve rank chevron.


Coastal Artillery General Assault Artillery-Flak


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Shown here is a Mauser, HSc 7.65-mm semi auto pistol, E. Leitz Wetzlar 6X30, model H/6400 field glasses, marching compass and Panzer Assault Badge Panzerkampfabzeichen

This group includes the Walther P-38 semi-auto pistol. The P-38 officially replaced the P-08 Luger in 1938, which was considered too costly to manufacture and somewhat prone to jamb under combat conditions. The P-38 fired a 9mm round fed by an 8 shot clip. The unique feature of the P-38 was you could cock the hammer externally or by pulling the trigger, a feature not available in the Luger. This is a Mauser version P-38 manufactured in 1943. Also shown here are the Iron Cross, Second Class, NSDAP Party Pin and Nationalsozialistches Kraftfahr Korps or NSKK honor dagger. Inscribed on the dagger is “Alles Fur Deutchland” All for Germany. The NSKK was a motorized transport division of the Sturmabteilung, or SA.

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